Minutes from the Congregational meeting, 5 March 2015

Present: about 130 members

§1 Introduction

Dan Svanell, chairman of the Board, welcomed everyone, prayed, and declared the meeting open. He introduced Johan Ahlberg as translator and Cathrin Sjöström as the new church secretary.

§2 Election of verifiers

Viola Engström and Thure Thorgren were chosen to verify the minutes.

§3 Agenda

The proposed agenda was approved.

§4 Management of the Church’s securities portfolio entrusted to a new company

Göran Johansson, chairman of the financial subcommittee, presented the background to this matter by explaining what had been done so far regarding the solving of the issue of the promissory note between the Church and Probitas, and how the funds have been invested. The goal is to manage the securities portfolio so that it will give the highest possible return for the ministry of the church. At present it is managed by the financial subcommittee, but it would be more appropriate if it were managed by a separate company that would formally be a subsidiary of Probitas. The company would not own any securities but would carry out analyses and decide on buying and selling.

Proposal 1: To make use of the presently dormant company Stensnäs Konferens AB, to change its name to Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB, and to concentrate its activities on the management of the securities portfolio of Immanuel Church. This would mean changes to §1 and §3 of the Articles of Association. Everything else in these articles would remain as before. Since Stensnäs Konferens AB is a company 100% owned by the Church the decision needs to be taken at a congregational meeting.

Göran Johansson also informed the meeting that the parent company Probitas –- Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB would need to change its name as a result of the changes to Stensnäs Konferens AB.

Proposal 2: To change the name of Probitas – Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB to Probitas AB.

Dan Svanell added that this change would ensure good management, as so many of our resources are provided from the securities portfolio and in this way we will not risk the right to make our own decisions in matters related to the company. It was also clarified that an agreement will be signed between the companies which will provide frameworks and rules for what can be done. There are also regulations that relate to the ethical guidelines for owning financial entities.

It was decided to agree to these proposals, i.e. to change the name of Stensnäs Konferens AB to Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB and to change the activity of the company into management of the securities portfolio of Immanuel church. It was also decided to change the name of Probitas – Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB to Probitas AB.

§5 Report from the Nominating committee

Stefan Nilszén, chairman of the Nominating committee, reported that since 12 March there has been a proposal made up of 500 persons for 800 positions. He stated the guidelines and basic principles that had been used when looking for a new Chairman of the Board. See Enclosure 1

The proposal of the Nominating committee is Marco Helles, who is considered to meet the criteria well. For the Annual meeting the committee will propose more candidates to the Board than the number that will be elected.

§6 The mural in the cafe

Dan Svanell mentioned that the mural has been discussed over a long period, both among members, by groups in the church, and on the Board. The matter has also been brought up at an earlier congregational meeting. Because of the renovation of the kitchen and church square a decision has now become urgent. The Board has therefore decided that the mural will be taken away, and that there will be discussion with the Ethnographical museum about placing the mural there alongside with other objects from missionary history.

Dan underlined that the mural is important from a church historical perspective, and that neither painting over it, nor placing a curtain in front of it, are viable alternatives. In a museum it will be available to the public, and explained in terms of its historical context. Patrick Amofah presented the motives for the Board’s decision. During the ensuing discussion many members gave their views and perspectives on the place of the mural, its significance and future. As a result Ulla Marie Gunner was asked to discover the whereabouts of the sketch of the mural. A suggestion was made to create a kind of discussion forum or workshop where we would be able to get to know each other’s cultures better, and in this way move closer to each other.

§7 Renovation of the church square and kitchen

Sophia Hober, who is responsible for the church square committee, and Håkan Andersson from Probitas gave information about the timetable of the renovation and how the preparation of sketches and proposals is progressing. As the renovation needs to be done during the warm months of the year it cannot begin until May 2016. The work is expected to take approximately three months. Sofia then presented the current alternative sketches in detail. The first priority of the group has been to look at function, with the following goals:

• to increase the use of the church square, and make it more welcoming;

• to make it easier to feel at home in, to increase its visibility from the street.

Key words have been:

Welcoming, open, warm, flexible, relaxed.

In summary: the kitchen needs to become more functional; the children need more space; the square should become more functional, more of a living space, and more visible from outside; the position of the Welcome desk will be assessed.

The sketches are now displayed on screens on the church square and there is also an envelope for ideas and proposals, which can also be mailed to kyrktorg@node232.myfcloud.com/~immanuel.

From week 12 printouts of the sketches will be available to take home and look at in peace and quiet. The congregation was encouraged to study them, attend more meetings and get in touch with the committee with ideas and viewpoints.

Further meetings about the sketches will be arranged during the spring. It is hoped to make a decision at the beginning of the autumn.

Ulla Marie Gunner was asked to investigate if the sketches and other information can be put on the website.

A grid with coordinates was suggested as a tool for suggesting more clearly how the renovation should be carried out.

Sophia stressed the fact that no decisions have yet been made. The formal decision about the sketches and the budget will be taken at a congregational meeting

§8 Any other business

There were no other questions

§9 Conclusion

Dan Svanell thanked everyone, reminded them about the Annual meeting on 12 April 2015, and declared the meeting closed.

Secretary: Cathrin Sjöström

Minutes approved by: Dan Svanell, Viola Engström, Thure Thorgren