Report from the Board meeting 24 April, 2014

New Board members

The meeting began with a short presentation of each board member, since Tove Janarv and Johan Sahlén, were newly elected at the Annual meeting.


The Board took no decisions at the meeting, but many exciting and important matters are at present underway:

• As most of us have noticed a group of EU citizens often gather on the Church Square. There is no evidence that the number of needy people coming to our city will decrease. Churches and interested organizations have therefore held a meeting to define the main needs of this group. A further meeting will shortly take place at which the various organizations can discuss their possible contributions. More information will be given at the congregational meeting on May 14.

• The final stage of the the major project to replace the sound system in the main sanctuary, the Waldenström hall and the Church Square is approaching. At the end of May a number of companies will be invited to submit tenders and it is hoped that at the beginning of June the Board will be able to decide which company will be asked to carry out the work. It will naturally take some time before the new equipment is in place and has been installed.

• Some of you may have noticed that the chandeliers in the main sanctuary are no longer working. The reason for this is a major electricity failure. Over the summer the electrical systems in both the main sanctuary and the Waldenström Hall will undergo renovation. Preparations will start in July and the work will be carried out in August. While a room is being renovated it will be closed on weekdays but open at weekends, so that services can take place as usual.

• The toilets on the level of the church square will also be renovated over the summer. Work will start after Midsummer, but will not take place during the weekends.

In addition to these points of information the Board stated that an important matter this year will be to carry out a broad review of which councils and committees we need and what their tasks should be. It was also noted that during the first quarter of the year gifts and collections have unfortunately lagged behind budget by about 50,000 SEK.

Next congregational meeting will be on May 14

Welcome to the congregational meeting on May 14 at 19.30. Among other things there will be discussion of the annual denominational Conference and of the work among EU citizens.

Spring greetings from the Board!