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This text was published first on 22 May, 2014. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board meeting 22 May, 2014

The Board started work on planning the church’s overall ministry for 2015. This process will continue within the Board, the various ministry councils, and among the staff and church members before a final decision can be taken.

The process of finding a replacement for pastor Chris Peterson has started. In the meantime Ben and Anita Tatlow have taken over his commitments.

The Board was happy to note that the congregation’s giving has increased in comparison with the same period in 2013. However there is still some way to go before we reach the amount budgeted.

Immanuel church has been offered a copper bust of PP Waldenström, the founder of the Covenant church. The bust was previously sited at Lidingö Missionsskola. The Board expressed their gratefulness, and accepted the offer.

Members of the sub-committees of the Board 2014–2015

Financial sub-committee:

Göran Johansson (chairman)

Patrick Amofah

Johannes Nilsson

Johan Sahlén

Hans-Olof Hagén

Carin Ladufjäll

Anette Engkvist (ex officio)

Bernadette Ebenholtz (ex officio)

Samuel Borg (ex officio)

Personnel sub-committee:

Ingegerd Berg (chairman)

Kristina Gustafsson

Marco Helles

Stephen James

Ulla Marie Gunner (ex officio)

Anette Engkvist (ex officio)

Special sub-committee:

Marco Helles (convener)

Lina Mattebo (responsible for communication)

Tove Janarv

Sungha Wendin

Underway at present:

• On September 21 Immanuel Church will host a day “In the Spirit of Mandela” with a choir workshop, seminars and a concluding concert. The event is being planned in collaboration with Bilda and Diakonia.

• Confirmation preparation in the Swedish language group, under the title “Express yourself”, will begin in January 2015. A information folder is now available and has been distributed to about 60 young people in our network. You are welcome to distribute it to those you think might be interested!