Report from the Board, February 20th, 2014

During the Congregational meeting on January 24th, it was decided that the Board should appoint a working group to continue work on the question of how the church square should be developed. The group’s task will be to define what needs the congregation wants the church square to meet, and what type of activity should be conducted there. During the meeting the Board felt that it was important that the group participants represent different parts of and different age groups in the congregation. Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner is responsible for putting the group together.

The church´ “husmor” (kitchen manager) Ulla-Britt Henriksson will retire in May. The Personnel Committee has reflected on the continuation of the position, not least because of the conversations about a revision of the church square and new activities there. In view of the church square project being in its infancy, it will be a temporary position during a year. Dialogues are being held with some interested people and a decision regarding the position will be made shortly.

Much of the meeting was devoted to budget issues and the congregational Annual Report for 2013. At the Board’s next meeting, the Annual Report for the Immanuel group will be processed.

Looking ahead, some renovations are underway in the church premises. The bathrooms on the ground floor will be renovated during spring. Also the electricity in the main sanctuary and Waldenström room (a system connected together) is to be renovated. It will be during the summer, when there is the least number of people moving about in the church. Work on a new sound system in the main sanctuary and Waldenström room is continued, but there is still no exact date for its conclusion. A workgroup that includes Claes Hollander, Håkan Sjögren and Martin Åsander are working on this.

The Board has put together a response to the our denomination Equmenia, taking into account the viewpoints that where brought up during the discussion meeting on February 12th, following the communique “Faith- Baptism-Fellowship” by Equmenia´s theological committee. The main point is that we support creating a broader membership. However, not exactly as defined in the document but with an emphasis on the personal standpoint.

During the meeting Ulla Marie Gunner presented a clearer annual plan for the board´s work. The idea of the annual plan is to facilitate our job with overall goals and future issues. We have also set a date for this year’s meetings: March 6th, April 24th, May 22nd, September 18th, October 16th, November 20th and December 11th.

Remember to book the congregational Annual Meeting on April 6th into your agenda!

Best regards from the board