Report from the congregational meeting 24 september 2013

Present: 25 members of the congregation


Chairman Dan Svanell welcomed all gathered and declared the meeting to be opened.

Election of minute reviewers

Ingvar Kvernes and Anita Isaksson were elected to review the minutes.


The proposed agenda was approved:

* Information on the recruitment of a new pastor

* Election of the 2014 Election Committee

* Information from the Senior Pastor

* Other issues

Information about the recruitment of a new pastor

Ulla Marie Gunner explained the process that led to the Board unanimously deciding to fill the position that was previously held by Jenny Dobers. The job ad will be published next week and the final date for application is the 30th of October. In December or January, the Board hopes to be able to have a congregational meeting where a new pastor is called.

Election of the 2014 Election Committee

The Nomination Committee consisted of:

Ingvar Kvernes (convenor)

Christina Eriksson

Kerstin Mjönes

Christoffer Dalid

Claes Jonsson

Ingvar Kvernes explained the work that the Nomination Committee has done. In drafting their proposal, they have taken into account:

Different ages

Different contact networks

Representation from the different groups in the congregation

The committee will come back with a supplementary candidate from the international group.

The following church members were elected to be on the 2014 Election Committee:

Christer Zettergren, chairman

Anna Karin Persson Stenbeck

Bo Haglund

Carl Johan Ek

Inga Johansson

Karl Högberg

Kim Skoglund

Lars Thynnemark

Ove Engström

Sophia Hober

Information from the Senior Pastor

Ulla Marie Gunner informed the meeting about the new sound installation for the entire floor on which the main sanctuary is located. This work will take time and will most probably not be finished by the end of this year.

The staff will have a staff retreat at Hjälmaregården. The theme is “To see possibilities”


The chairman thanks those present for their attention and declares the meeting to be closed.

Writing these minutes: Ingegerd Berg

Reviewing these minutes: Dan Svanell, Anita Isaksson, Ingvar Kvernes