Report from the congregational meeting October 21, 2012

It was a joy that so many people were present in the meeting – several extra chairs had to be carried in to the Waldenstrom room. On the agenda were election of an election committee, the congregation’s appointment of regional church leaders, and a decision re. introducing a verksamhetsråd / ministry board for the Swedish fellowship. Report from the meeting:

Stefan Nilszen and his work group suggested names for the election committee.

The following members were chosen:

Chairman: Christer Zettergren

Vice chairman: Karl Högberg

Bo Olsson

Carl Johan Ek

Carl Olov Wetterroth

Gunnel Holm

Sun-Ok Lee

Johan Arenius

Kristina Engberg

Monica Basilier Braennstroem

Ana Gren

The congregation nominated two persons as regional church leaders for Gemensam Framtid: Rut Stenlund and Per Levin Ronnås.

Karin Pettersson from the Board reported on the work to form a ministry board for the Swedish fellowship. A process group that will continue to work on more specific questions, was also suggested. This group will determine what the ministry board should look like and how it should function. The ministry board for the Swedish fellowship will have equal standing with the ministry boards for the Korean and the International fellowships, thus the church will have three ministry boards under the Board. The congregation decided to introduce a ministry board for the Swedish fellowship and to appoint an open process group. Those who would be interested to work with these questions are welcome to contact Karin Pettersson.

The Board appreciates the involvement of the congregation and wishes everyone a pleasant fall!