confirmands 2020w

Confirmation 2020

Konfa Camp
We officially started the 2020 Confirmation year with a fun weekend at Björkögården! We have 26 students from 3 different churches! Isn't that a good looking crew! A lot of the students didn't know each other, signed up for confirmation alone, came from a different church... but by the end of the weekend something great happened... We formed together as one group. The weekend consisted of get to know you games, mixing and mingling, fika and food, team building games where we carried people in Big Bags, and some really important dialogue about faith, the Bible, is it logical to believe?, and what is a worship service? It was such a blessing to get away for a weekend, dig in to deep faith questions, and see this group form together over this weekend.


Konfa Saturdays
We have now begun our Saturday confirmation days. We gather all day once a month on Saturdays for a time of teaching, discussions, crafts and fun. Everything we do throughout the day connects back to the main theme of the day. This February we discussed the topic: You, Me, and God. We asked the questions: Who is God? and Who am I in relation to God? We got down into some deep identity questions. I am so impressed with the thoughts, questions, and participation with this confirmation group! They are jumping right in to this faith adventure we call Confirmation! This Month we will focus in on the theme Festernas Fest: The Party of All Parties! We will be looking at the Lord's Supper this month!


Support us this Year!
There have been so many people who have supported us this year already... and still many opportunities to jump in and lend a hand.


Please pray for us. Pray for our students. Pray for God to speak boldly into their lives. Pray that our time together would be filled with God's Holy Spirit! Thank you for your prayers!


Konfa Hosts: On Saturdays we always have room for an extra hand to help out in the kitchen during the day. Join us on a Saturday as a Konfa Host to help prepare and serve lunch, clean dishes, and pick up the kitchen after our meal. Upcoming Saturdays: March 7, April 4, May 9. Contact Pastor Pete to help serve!


Give a Gift!
We never let financial needs hold students back from participating in Confirmation. The cost of Confirmation is 2500kr, this covers two camps (food, transportation, lodging), crafts, supplies, a bible, fika, and lunch for 4 saturdays. If you are interested in helping sponsor a family in need feel free to swish: 1231849843 or make a Bank Giro Donation: 181-0936 (Please mark your gift Konfirmation Sponsorship).


Konfa Camp: This is the first year that our Confirmation Camp and our annual International Camp Holsy camps will join up on the same week. We are going to have a huge camping extravaganza this year June 13-18. We are going to need some extra leaders for this adventure. If you are interested in heading to Camp Holsby as a leader talk to Pastor Pete!


Thank you for your prayers and support for our Confirmation Students.

Pastor Pete