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The last Saturday of every month, Immanuel hosts a lunch for men and women in Stockholm who find themselves living on the edge of society. Some are homeless, others suffering from addiction, all a bit lonely and in need of a warm meal and friendly conversation.

This is a great initiative that brings together volunteers from each of the 3 language groups that Immanuel has: International (English), Swedish and Korean.  All ages are welcome to come and volunteer. Volunteers plan the food, prepare the food, serve the food, clean up the food and most important of all, offer a warm handshake and kind conversation to those in our society who are struggling a bit.
We do this to reach out towards those for whom life is a bit more of a struggle. But the truth of the matter is that those who attend the lunch, also touch us. The relationships that are generated by attending this lunch, both for those who serve and those who attend, are mutually beneficial and we invite you to come and participate sometime. Even as you seek to bless those who attend, we also know that you, as a volunteer, will be double blessed as well.



For more information on how to sign up to register, click here.