“Why does the wind blow away the seeds?” asked my son early one morning. He paused from his bowl of yogurt and cornflakes as he looked at me with curious round eyes and waited for an answer. We were reading Images of God by Marie-Hélène Delval, as had become our ritual at breakfast these past few months.

The question made me pause and think...all of the following in perhaps three seconds.

Reproduction of course. The plant has seeds in order to produce offspring. But why does it need the wind? Why could it not just drop the seeds right there where it lives? Well, there would not be enough sun, or water, or nutrients from the soil. The seeds need a good environment to thrive. Not too close to the mother plant...

Having just read the post-Easter texts where Jesus commissions his disciples to go out and make disciples of all the nations, I could not help to think about the similarities between the story and the image of the wind, carrying the seeds. The wind being the Holy Spirit that Jesus emphasised was a prerequisite for the mission given.

I answered my son and he was content with the answer. Quietly, he kept on eating his cornflakes.

And I continued to think about the image of us, disciples, being seeds. Carried away by the Holy Spirit, into the city, among the people that we spend our days with. Growing shoots, bearing fruit and producing new seeds and new offspring.

Even though the wind carried a flurry of snow and hail this week, there are sure signs of spring life around us. And most certainly in our hearts.


God is wind