Probitas – our real estate company

Immanuel Church is the owner of the real estate company Probitas, which owns Hotel Birger Jarl and Hotel Tegnérlunden. Probitas also owns Löjtnantshuset, which is both care home and senior housing. Tegnérgården comprises student apartments, mainly on Tegnérgatan but also in other properties.

The church owns its properties because it is a good investment, whose return creates security for the ministry of the church. Another purpose is to offer staff housing, especially in connection with recruitment, as it is difficult to find housing in Stockholm.

Vacant apartments are primarily allocated to staff, so that the ministry will work well. However, also active church members can sometimes be able to get an apartment, although very few apartments can be mediated each year. Some apartments also go to the general housing queue. You can also register for senior housing at Löjtnantshuset.

Student apartments are mediated via a queue that has its own management. You will find more information on

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