Whoever we are, wherever we come from

Immanuel Church is a Christian congregation in the center of Stockholm and belongs to The Equmenia Church in Sweden. We want to be a community open to you, regardless if you attend church regularly, if you're interested in matters of faith, in search of answers, just seeking fellowship or a place of peace and rest in the center of the city.

Our faith in God and the good news of His Son Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything we do.

We don´t believe the church to be primarily a physical building, but a community of people.

Many of us feel we have found a place we can call home in Immanuel Church, no matter who we are, no matter where we come from. Under the same roof you will find an international English language fellowship, a Swedish language fellowship and a Korean language fellowship. All together we are a wonderfully diverse group of people from over 50 different nations.

Job seekers, corporate managers, professionals, scientists, homeless people, ambassadors, students, professors, dads, mums, singles, children, teens, adults and seniors. Lots of exciting people to get to know over a cup of coffee!

There are lots of activities going on at Immanuel Church every week. Five worship services in three different languages, a music school, activities for kids and teens and adults, seminars, concerts, social relief work and much more.
There is almost always something going on and the doors are open to you.

Welcome to Immanuel Church!