Donate to Immanuel Church

Your gift makes a difference!

You are needed in Immanuel Church! This is a place where you can develop fellowship, a sense of belonging and faith, and where you can contribute your time, your talents and your assets - three things that make a difference!
If you are someone who has time and would like to share it, please know that you are welcome here. Volunteers are indispensable in many of the church’s activities - community lunches, the work among children and youth, the café and the information desk…
Do you want to share and develop your talents together with others? At Immanuel Church we want to build on that in a creative way.
Do you want your assets to benefit others? Your money can be transformed into something truly meaningful in the work of the church. Below are some examples of ways to give your gifts:


A gift in connection with the worship service. The most traditional way to give a cash gift.


New times, new methods. Swish during the service or whenever it suits you. The Swedish fellowship number is 1234183224, and the International fellowship number is 1231891308.

Plusgiro or bankgiro

Of course, you can give your gift via the church’s plusgiro or bankgiro accounts: 
the plusgiro number is 4493-3
the bankgiro number is 181-0936.

Automatic transfer

The easiest way to give your gift is by automatic transfer. Your gift is regular and long-term, and is given even when you cannot attend the worship service.

Church fee

One percent of everyone’s taxable income is deducted from their taxes and goes to the “church fee”. You can choose to let our denomination, the Uniting Church of Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan), receive your church fee. If you do, 69 percent of it will automatically go to your congregation, while the remainder will go to churches with special needs within the Uniting Church, and to pioneering.

Church members, choir members, musicians, parents of confirmands - all who are friends of Immanuel Church, and all who participate in church activities – please support the work that we believe is important. Especially for people who are served by Immanuel Church.
Now you can join in and make a difference!