Donate to Immanuel Church

Immanuel Church needs financial gifts to cover the costs of the ministry. There are many different ways that you can give to Immanuel Church. Below are the various ways you can give to Immanuel. Please find the one that suits you best. You will find the annual offering schedule on this link.


The most traditional way to give a gift to the church’s ministry is through the Sunday offering that is taken during the worship services on Sunday. If you wish to give a cash gift, this is a great way to participate.

Give by debit machine

If you lack cash while at church, you can use give a gift by using your debit card in the debit machine located in the church square. This works the same way as when you pay with your debit card at other locations. You insert your card, punch in what amount and give the machine permission to debit your card.

Via SMS on your mobile telephone

There is also an opportunity of making offerings through text messages (SMS). Text "Immanuel50" or "Immanuel200" (no space) to 72980 – and you will contribute with an offering of 50 or 200 SKR to Immanuel Church. You may need to answer a couple of questions before you will receive the confirmation "Tack för din gåva till Immanuelskyrkan" (eng. "Thank you for your offering to Immanuel Church") which you will need to answer with "JA" (eng. "YES").


Now you can give an offering via Swish: Swish number 1234183224.

Direct electronic transfer

If you will easily give a regular offering to Immanuel through your bank, you can use direct electronic transfer. Please contact our administrative head, Anette Engkvist on 08-587 503 06 for more information.

Church fee/Kyrkoavgift

Another great way to make a regular contribution to Immanuel is to sign up to have the church fee portion of your taxes be given to Immanuel Church. You can find more information Equmeniakyrkan's website (in Swedish only). Also, feel free to contact Anette Engkvist on 08-587 503 06 for more information.

Internet banking/Plus- or bankgiro

It is easy to use plus or bank-giro when giving your offering to Immanuel. Use plus-giro 4493-3 or bankgiro 181-0936. 
We are thankful for all the gifts that are given towards the work of Immanuel church.