Information about the Corona virus for Immanuel Church members and visitors. 


The church is temporarily closed until further notice.

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 The church is temporarily closed until further notice

but our congregation is well and alive!

Every Sunday we are broadcasting services through our YouTube channel. You can also find daily greetings there, from our pastors. Even concerts are sent through our study organization Bilda. From the end of April there is a prayer station that you can see from our church yard. Stop by for a prayer or reflection. Starting April 27 there will be someone from staff Mondays 10-11.30 and Thursdays 12-13.30 if you want to light a candle, write a prayer or receive intercession on a distance.We are trying this out during a couple of weeks.

At you will find more information on what is going on.

All staff are working as usual. Every day a pastor or a deacon is on call between 9-21. (see link)

The Music school is open until further notice.

Lunch in community is going on according to schedule but the food is served outside at the church yard.
Congregational Meetings and Annual Meeting. The board has decided to move congregational meetings and the annual meeting forward. Hopefully the annual meeting will be held as latest in October.

Funerals are held according to the rules stated by the authorities. Maximum 50 people. We do not arrange any coffee or meal afterwards at the moment.

How can we meet or help each other?

As a congregation, we are used to coming together when extraordinary circumstances occur. However, now when we avoid larger groups, we are doing this to ensure safety. We need however to have contact with each other, not least if we are worried. Call a friend! Take a walk with a friend! Pray for one another!
Let’s also keep in mind those who belong to risk groups and are not able to go out and do their shopping. If you are in need of practical help you are welcome to contact our church’s deaconal staff. This is a way that we can carry each other’s burdens.

During our temporary closure we encourage you to continue with your generous giving. You can use swish or make a transfer through bank- or plusgiro, Swish Svenska 123 418 3224, Swish Internationella 123 189 1308, Swish Koreanska 123 184 9843, Bankgiro 181-0936, Plusgiro 44 93-3.

Why is the church closed? 

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the covid-19 illness, the church is closed until further notice. This means that all public gatherings are cancelled. We hope in this way that we will all contribute to reducing the transmission of this infection in society and that we can soon re-open the church.We are following that recommendations from Folkhälsomyndighteen and we are waiting for their decisions to know when we can open the church again. For more information from the authorities, see