Info om beredskapen i sommar 2019
Vecka 26 Agneta Selander 08-587 503 24
Vecka 27 Anna Berndes 08-587 503 02
Vecka 28 Chris Peterson 08-587 503 07
Vecka 29 Charlotte Höglund 08-587 503 58
Vecka 30 Måndag -fredag: Ivani Ahlberg 08-587 503 31. Lördag-Söndag: Claes-Göran Ydrefors: 073- 324 34 30
Vecka 31 Anna Berndes 08-587 503 02
Vecka 32 Anders Segersson 08-587 503 20
Vecka 33 Ulla Marie Gunner 08-587 503 04


Upcoming congregational meetings and annual meeting

Sunday, April 7: Preparatory meeting and interviews of
board candidates and processing of questions.

Thursday, 25 April: Congressen at 18.00. A Company evening with results and future plans for Probitas, Birger Jarl Hotel and our care companies. A free buffet is served afterwards. 
No reservation needed.
The congregation is called to the annual meeting on Sunday 28 April at 13.00
The members of the Nomination Committee can be found in the minutes of the assembly meeting in
October. See the website on this link.

Wednesday, May 8 at 18:30 to 20:00 in Waldenströmsalen. Equmenia Church's Conference. Welcome all representatives and all Church members who are interested in the 2019 Church Conference. Together we will prepare the questions. 

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Summary of the material from the conversation day in Immanuel on November 10, 2018

Our three fellowship councils and our board in the congregation had a working day together. It turned out that the working language became English as it was the most common language. Therefore, the report is also in English.
It is a great job to translate all the documents we have. At the moment, we also need more volunters that can translate between Swedish and English. The biggest need is from Swedish to English.

If you want the document translated to Swedish or can help us to translate it to Swedish, please mail to our Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

Here you can read the document as a PDF.

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Probitas apartments and properties

Immanuel Church is the owner of the real estate company Probitas, which owns Hotel Birger Jarl and Hotel Tegnérlunden. Probitas also owns Löjtnantshuset, which is both care home and senior housing. Tegnérgården comprises student apartments, mainly on Tegnérgatan but also in other properties.

The church owns its properties because it is a good investment, whose return creates security for the ministry of the church. Another purpose is to offer staff housing, especially in connection with recruitment, as it is difficult to find housing in Stockholm.

Vacant apartments are primarily allocated to staff, so that the ministry will work well. However, also active church members can sometimes be able to get an apartment, although very few apartments can be mediated each year. Some apartments also go to the general housing queue. You can also register for senior housing at Löjtnantshuset.

Student apartments are mediated via a queue that has its own management. You will find more information on

If you want to sign up for an apartment at Probitas, please contact Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..
If you want to know more about the church’s real estate company, please see

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Report about the projektet / analysis of the congregation's digital communication.

Presentation from the Congregational Meeting on 19 August 2018.

PDF of the report.

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Welcome to the Congregational Meeting

Sunday, 18 March at 13.00 in Congressen.


• Motion on Climate and Environment (Attachment in Swedish)
• Information regarding meetings prior to the Annual Meeting
• updates concerning staff

Marco Helles, ordförande


Congregational ministry action plan through to the year 2020

At the annual meeting, April 2017 the congregation decided to adopt this Ministry Action plan. It is a statement of where we presently find our selves. A starting point. It describes our prioritized areas and what is needed to encourage our participation and generosity.
This plan is a work in progress for the upcoming years. The plan will be developed and made more clear, hopefully with more measurable goals.
Read it and ponder how you can take part. Here is the Congregational ministry action plan as a PDF.

Ulla Marie Gunner

Operational Plan 2017

Since the autumn of 2016 the process runs for a first joint operational plan. The board and the councils met in November. I mid-January there was a congregational meeting. The management team has listened in on different ministries and shaped a draft to an operational plan. The following document is the third version from the team, and this is the document to the next congregational meeting Sunday March 19, 2017, 13.00.

This plan of 2017 is a first try, mainly to point out a direction. Everything cannot be said in this document. Some goals are defined. In the background there are many good ideas to bring in, especially for the board and the three councils.

The process is still running. The document to be presented at the annual meeting will take more things into consideration after the congregational meeting and the work of the board. The starting points for this plan are four prioritized areas, the vision and the responsibility and participating of every member.

You are welcome on Sunday!
Ulla Marie Gunner
Senior pastor

Read more here!


Welcome to congregational meeting January 22, 2017, 13.00 in Waldeströmsalen.

We will work in a new way. Read more in the editorial here below and follow the links to our vision and to a document from a day with our board and our councils.

Immanuel church congregation have an opportunity to hire pastor Karin Fritzson for a year, working 50%. Karin was ordained quite recently and have been working as a deacon for many years. Arbetsförmedlingen (employment office) and Equmenia Church (Uniting church of Sweden) we will cover our costs for her salary and she is prepared to start working February 1. Her tasks will focus on volunteer work, leadership training and christian education. She will also be a preacher in the area on the behalf of Equmenia church. Karin will be reporting to the senior pastor.

Leader: Immanuel towards 2020!

The board of Immanuel wants to invite the whole congregation and the different ministries to take part in defining the work we will do for the next three years. For the first time we are making an operational plan where many will be involved.
Our starting point is found in our vision: This is where I belong, whoever I am, wherever I come from.

The board has earlier decided to prioritize four areas:
• Increased community between our fellowships
• Stronger ministry among children, youth and families
• More and better work with people in exposed life situations
• Training for leaders and volunteers

On November 12, 2016 the board met with the councils (International, Korean, Swedish). The councils confirmed the four prioritized areas and important ideas were discussed. These thoughts and ideas have been captured and will be developed further.
Now is the time to make an operational plan that the congregation can decide on at the annual meeting.

To reach that goal we will be working in the following way:
Sunday January 22, 13.00 Congregational Meeting. We will start with some church business to elect representatives to the Church conference, and some other decisions. After that we will gather around different tables at our church square. Every table will hold a theme to be discussed and developed using a way to work called World Café, where you can discuss different areas at the same time. At every table a member of the board will be responsible for hosting the discussions, listening and answering questions and collecting the ideas that come up through the conversations. You decide what areas and how many that you will take part in. We end the gathering at the latest 15.30 and you decide yourself your own time limit and how many questions you want to engage in. There will be no wrap up or joint ending.
• After January 22 the councils, the staff and the management team together with the board will work through the ideas that have been brought forward. One or maybe two versions of a suggested operational plan will be published and everyone will have the possibility to
contribute also to these.
Another congregational meeting will be held on March 19, with further discussion after which we will take the next step with the plan to prepare a clear suggestion for the annual meeting. More information will come during the weeks and months before the annual meeting.

You will find the vision, the prioritized areas and the resume of the work of November 12 2016 at our web page.
The Vision. Resume from 12 Nov.
You can also ask for the documents from our office: Cathrin Sjöström, phone 08-587 503 01, Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

You are warmly welcome to contribute with good ideas for our operational plan towards 2020!

Ulla Marie Gunner, Senior Pastor 

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On call 19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

19 December, Anders Segersson, 0708- 43 25 75

20 December, UllaMarie Gunner, 0730- 48 27 60

21 December, Agneta Selander, 0768- 86 60 82

22 December, Claes-Göran Ydrefors, 0725- 87 50 47

23 December, Liselott Björk, 0705- 87 21 45

24 December, Christopher Peterson, 0705- 87 02 05

25 December, Charlotte Höglund, 0736- 28 04 03

26 December, Claes-Göran Ydrefors, 0725- 87 50 47

27 December, Charlotte Höglund, 0736- 28 04 03

28 December, Jacob Molander, 08-587 503 17

29 December, Liselott Björk, 0705- 87 21 45

30 December, Christopher Peterson, 0705- 87 02 05

31 December, UllaMarie Gunner, 0730- 48 27 60

1 January, Agneta Selander, 0768- 86 60 82

2 January, Anders Segersson, 0708- 43 25 75

3 January, UllaMarie Gunner, 0730- 48 27 60

4 January, Agneta Selander, 0768- 86 60 82

5 January, Anders Segersson, 0708- 43 25 75

6 January, Jacob Molander, 08-587 503 17

7 January, Ulf Bergsviker, 0705- 87 03 66

8 January, Ulf Bergsviker, 0705- 87 03 66


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Children and Youth at Immanuel Autumn 2016

This is a summary of ministries among children and youth as the autumn has started.

We are Grateful fo all that is happening. Note that we are in need of more volunteers at some points!


Immanuel International

- Sunday school, ages 2-11. 70 children with 28 leaders. Broken up into four Different age groups. Responsible: Geri Lindberg.

- Faith Builders, Sunday school, ages 12-14. 15-20 youth. Responsible: Geri Lindberg.

- Digging Deeper, ages 15-18. 10-15 youth. Every other Friday. Responsible: Neil Bhat.

- Club 24, Saturdays, every other week, ages 12-18. Different events. 20-25 youth. Responsible: Neil Bhat.


Immanuel Korean

- Sunday school. 9 children. Responsible: Mi-Hye Kim

- Young adult Bible study group. Sundays 12.30. 15 people. Responsible: Chongil Cho och Woohyung Chung.

- Prayer group for young adults. Wednesday evenings. 7 people. Responsible: Woohyung Chung


Immanuel Swedish

- Skaparsöndag – Sunday school. 102 newsletter every week. About 35-40 children with parents. Responsible: Charlotte Höglund / Fidde Jonsson. Three volunteers (more needed).

- Clubs on Sunday:

     o Childrens gymnastics. 15 children. Responsible: Linn Sjöholm.

     o Singing and drumming ensemble, to start soon. Responsible: Mikael Zifa Eriksson.

     o Group for children age 10 - leaders needed. Right now paused. 12 children to invite.

- Freda – teenage group meeting every other week. 75 on mailing list. This Autumn youth from congregations in Älvsjö, Stuvsta and Märsta are invited (after confirmation). Responsible: Fidde Jonsson. 12 volunteers.

- Children's Choir Tuesdays. About 10 children. Responsible: Kristina Åkesson.

- Teenage choir K.Ö.T.T rehearsing Fridays. 15 youth. Responsible: Martin Åsander.


Immanuel Confirmation

Our Confirmation actually is offered during three years. Responsible from Autumn 2016 is Fidde Jonsson.

- K1 – Express yourself. 30 youth during 2016, together with youth from Älvsjö, Stuvsta, Märsta. Next group to start in January 2017. Practical help needed Saturdays. Staff and volunteers in different parts of this work.

- K2. The year after confirmation with 22 youth. Travelled to Taizé in August. Two volunteers. New group just started.

- K3 – for the first time. Preparing a communion service once a month. First time 15 youth prepared.


Music School Immanuel

So far 200 students and 13 teachers. Peter Eriksson is responsible. Ages from 6 years. among these 200 students some are adults. The youngest kids under this umbrella are visiting baby concerts. Two concerts planned this Autumn. Responsible: Anna Berndes.


Immanuel in relation to schools and universities

- School work primarily through Christmas and Easter dramas. We cooperate with Engelbrekt and Hedvig Eleonora churches (Svenska kyrkan). Every year we meet with about 250- 300 young school children and their teachers.

- University church has a group for exchange students through Anna Berndes. The first event: Swedish dinner, was fully subscribed in a couple of days. Ulla Marie Gunner October 5, 2016




Church Coffee (FIKA) Autumn/Winter Schedule 2016

We have from May into September celebrated church fika together with all three Fellowships that met at 11.00 on Sunday. The reason for the Joint Fika has been due to the  renovation of the Church Square and in the kitchen.
The renovation is almost finished. Many have appreciated the joint Fika. For most, it is difficult to go back to our regular fika areas. Some have thought it was a little difficult getting from the main floor down to the lower level K1. During some periods of the summer, the stairs that led to the lower level was closed off completely. This was a bit challenging for others that had to either use the elevator or walk around the outside of the building to enter from Birger Jarl street.  

As soon as the church square is completed, there will be different fika schedules.  We can try out different variations of fika. At our Joint Services joint, we have the opportunities to find practical solutions so that everyone can feel that they can find a place.

Here is the Fika schedule from now to Christmas 2016.

18 September: Swedish and International fika in Paus and the Korean Fellowship will fika in Waldenströmsalen

25 September: Our regular three different Fika areas


2 October - Our regular three different Fika areas. At 13.00 all Fellowships will join upstair for the inaguration of the new Church Square.


9 October - Our regular three different Fika areas.


16 October - Joint Fika in the new Church Square with sanwiches, cupcakes, cookies, hotdogs, saft and coffee and tea.


23 October - Our regular three different Fika areas.


30 October - Our regular three different Fika areas.


6 November - Our regular three different Fika areas.


13 November - gemensamt fika fast på olika ställen, korv och bröd för barnen längst in i paus, kaffe och bulle i Paus, kaffe och smörgås på kyrktorget, koreanskt fika i Waldenströmsalen. Vi kommer att sätta olika pris på olika fika samt uppmuntra gusdtjänstdeltagarna att gå på lite olika ställen.


20 November - Our regular three different Fika areas. Congregational Meeting kl 13.00 in Congressen.


27 November - Our regular three different Fika areas.. Första advent, storfika för svenska delen som brukligt


4 December - Our regular three different Fika areas.


11 December - Our regular three different Fika areas.

På kvällen är det gemensam julkonsert. Julfika för alla grupper på kyrktorget. Hur är ännu inte bestämt.


18 december- Our regular three different Fika areas.



Sunday, 29 May at 13.00 in Congressen.

Extra election to the Nomination Committee, which proposes the Election Committee for the annual meeting for 2017.

Report from the denomination's conference (Uniting Church Of Sweden).

Report concerning personnel issues

Information concerning the work with the business (ministry) plan.

Information concerning the summer activities,

including an update on the renovations of the church square.

Extra information regarding the Minutes from the Congregational Meeting on January 31, 2016

The minutes from the congregational meeting on January 31, 2016, is not fully attested. That is why it is not put on the web site. The question about attesting will be up to question at our next congregational meeting March 13, 2016.

Suggestion for new lead pastor for the international fellowship

The board of Immanuel Church proposes to the congregation to call pastor Christopher Peterson, Tokyo, as new lead pastor for the international fellowship.

Chris was employed for twelve years as English speaking youth pastor in our congregation until the spring of 2014. We recognise Chris as a good leader and inspiring role model among children and youth. During these two last years Chris has been working as assistant pastor in an international congregation in Tokyo, broadening his experiences as preacher, teacher and leader.
Chris received his training at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, He is a pastor in Evangelical Covenant Church, USA.
Chris is 41 years old, married to Hanna and together they have two children, Asher soon to be 4, and Livia who is 2.

Sunday March 6 at 12.30 we will meet Chris through Skype in Congressen. Welcome!

retreat-033 Chris-beskuren

Picture from 2013 when Chris Peterson was the English speaking Youth Pastor.


Proposal for new Congregational Constitution, Immanuel Church

You can read it here in PDF-format.


Information concerning the painting in the Café

The painting in the Cafe' will not be removed on Monday the 11th of January as was previously decided. An assessment concerning the covering and removal of the painting will be made first by the City Museum(Stadsmuseet). This assessment will most likely take place some time next week.


Information on the Coffee Stuga painting

On Sunday, 6 December, the members of the congregation were invited to a discussion about the Board's unanimous decision to take away Sigfrid Södergren's mural in the café. About 85 members were present.

Marco Helles, Chairman of the Board, explained why the present Board has agreed to confirm the decision taken in January 2015. Dan Svanell, former Chairman, gave some background to the former Board's decision to take away the mural. Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner gave a theological reflection around change. About fifteen members of the congregation participated in the following discussion. Critical letters have been received by the Board in this matter and some speakers criticized the decision. Several speakers supported the decision of the Board.

At a meeting on 10 December the Board decided to put up a curtain in front of the mural as soon as possible and to prepare to take it away. The mural will be stored in the church in the best possible way and it will be possible to take it out for special events. It is important to the Board that the church is in possession of the mural also in the future.
If you wish a more detailed explanation of the Board's decision, please contact the Secretary of the church Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.


Workshop about the suggestion to new constitution

Wednesday Dec 16, 18.30.
Send your notice of attendance to our church secretary at the latest Dec 14. When you do that you will receive the documents you need, preferably through e-mail.
Answer to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. or 0858750301


Vice senior pastor

At the congregational meeting November 18, Claes-Göran Ydrefors was appointed vice senior pastor, recommended by the Board. This does not in general mean more duties but being the one that covers for the senior pastor being away or on sick leave.

Claes-Göran Ydrefors is pastor responsible for the Swedish ministry. He started to work in Immanuel Church March 2014.